I use Blogger to power this section of my website. Blogger seemed like a good choice: it is owned by Google, it’s free, and it’s easy to use.

But I have a few gripes about Blogger.

It’s missing some pretty basic things that I think blog software should offer, no brainer.

My top 3 gripes:

  • I want to be able to categorise my listings, so you could click on an index link and find everything I wrote, say, about Press Releases or SEO.
  • I want to be able to write an article, and then have it automatically published at some date in the future. So, I can sit down, write a bunch of stuff, and then have it drip feed into my blog automatically.
  • And I want you to be able to choose which themes you want to subscribe to. Only interested in Online PR? Then you should be able to get only those articles.

Are these serious enough faults to switch to different blogging software, like TypePad or WordPress? Maybe….

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  1. Richard says:

    I know what you mean about blogger being a bit limited, and I’ve recently been looking at WordPress (v.2.0.2).

    It seems you can write a post, but keep it hidden, then display it at a later date, which meets one of your criteria.

    WP also enables you to categorise your posts, meeting another one.

    As for your third wish list item, WP doesn’t do this, as far as I’m aware, but it does have a search facility. I know this isn’t the same thing, sorry.

    I’m just getting to grips with WP, because it’s looking very promising as a tool for small businesses who want a Content Management System (CMS) as well as a blog and it can be set-up so that the home page goes to a “proper” home page and not a blog page.

    Early days yet, perhaps I’ll blog about it…

    Good luck in your search, and if you have any thoughts about alternatives please blog about them – thanks.

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