How important is it for your website to occupy that golden top position in the Google search results?

And how many clicks will you get if you are a bit further down the results, but still on the first page?

SlingshotSEO have undertaken a very interesting piece of research examing the click through rates for the first page of the Google resuls.

It is well worth taking the time to read and digest, but if you are looking for quick, top level summary of clicks on Google results, here is my take:

18% of clicks are on the top ranking organic search result

52% of clicks went on one of the top 10 organic results

Position 2 got 10% of the clicks

35% of clicks are on the top 3 results

Whether organic or blended (video, local, shopping) the click through rate stays consistent for the position


Google Top Results Click Through Rate

As you would expect, the “average” is determined by a wide range of values, but it is interesting to note that once you get “below the fold” then the low level of clicks is consistent.

Google Rankings Click Through Rate

2 responses to “How many people click on the first Google result?”

  1. Matthew Egan says:

    This seems a lot more in line with what I’ve witnessed, the old AOL data saying it’s 40% or more has always felt a bit high. The search volume to CTR ratio has never supported those numbers, but these are a lot better. Of course it varies by search term, but still, very valuable study.

    Much love to our friends at SlingshotSEO for putting this together.

  2. Pete Stevens says:

    When I first saw the slingshot results I too thought it showed a big drop from the oft quoted 40% number. But I don’t think this is a true comparison. This slingshot survey is I believe a survey of what action users take when they are presented with the Search Engine results. The numbers show that 52% clicked on a top ten result. So it follows that 48% did something else, I suspect that it was largely to refine the search query and search again.

    My maths is not up to working it out but roughly I would say of the actual number of clicks, the first result gets somewhere near the traditional 40% of the clicks of any result.

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