How to display blog posts on LinkedIn


If you write a blog, it’s free and easy to display your blog posts on your LinkedIn profile. Here is a step by step by step how-to-guide to automatically displaying your WordPress blog posts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and WordPress have partnered together to provide an application that will import and display your WordPress posts from your website on your LinkedIn profile as well.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Access and login to your Linked In account the same way you do normally.
From the main navigation bar trace your eyes across to the “More” link, hover over this and a sub-menu will drop down, upon where you can select the “WordPress” application link.


2. Identify the URL of your blog

To do this, navigate your way to your blog the same way you might do if you were a visitor. For example on Hallam it would be: – Copy this address from your web browser.


2.Now paste it into the address box on the WordPress application screen within Linked In.

It may be necessary to click on “[edit]” first within the grey header as shown below, this will reveal the box you must paste the address into.

Click [edit] to reveal the box you need to paste your blog address into:

Edit your WordPress application settings


Copy and paste the URL here:


Add your WordPress blog URL here


It’s worth noting if you have more than one author of your website or blog you may wish to navigate to your own particular author page. This will affect whether or not you display everybody’s posts or simply the posts that you yourself have written.

To find this particular URL navigate to one of your posts, and click on the author hyperlink—this will usually be your name.

Instead copy and paste this address from your browser bar.

Example of your Author page URL:

Individual Author URL


Either way, once you’ve made your mind up click “Save” to commit the change to your profile. If you have the correct address, you will now see that LinkedIn is displaying your posts similar to below.


LinkedIn can now access and display your blog posts:

View your posts within the application


When you navigate back out to your main public profile this is how it will look:


Your posts as they appear in situ


Now you know how to display your posts on your profile, get to work conveying your strengths and expertise and benefit from the credibility and perceptions you create for yourself.


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2 responses to “How to Display your WordPress Blog Posts on LinkedIn”

  1. Hello, I use a plugin called “Network Publisher” by LinksAlpha which does the same thing, and I’ve linked it to my facebook page.

  2. Moz Morris says:

    Unfortunately, this will not display the WordPress Application on your “public profile”.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

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