As part of my role as a digital marketing manager here at Hallam, I am heavily involved in the recruitment of new members of staff to our team. Having been on both ends of the table, successfully landing various digital marketing roles, and interviewing candidates, I'd like to share my top tips for those looking to secure a role within the digital marketing industry.

Have a genuine interest in the industry, and demonstrate it

If you’re looking for a role within digital marketing then make sure its for the right reasons, the best reason being that you love what you do. This can be demonstrated by referencing on your application any blogs you follow, conferences you’ve attended or inspirational figures your look up to within the industry. If you get to the interview stage, then this enthusiasm should be naturally evident. It’s quite easy to tell when someone really has an interest in what they do.

Show what you know, and admit you don’t know everything

As a digital marketer you need to be adaptable, both with regards to your existing skill set and your willingness to learn and explore new areas. Don’t undersell yourself with regards to what you’ve done in the past, but don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something as long as you show a genuine willingness to learn in the future.

Do your homework, thoroughly

It’s not only essential to show energy and an interest in the industry as a whole, but it’s also important to do your homework on the company you hope to work for. Become familiar with their core service offering and try and get a feel for their culture and personality. About us areas of the site usually hold the key to all of this information. If you successfully secure an interview then don’t be afraid to ask questions of the company, but equally be prepared for the company to ask you what you know about them!

Don’t undersell yourself, show you’re serious

Of course a massive part of any recruitment process is to examine a candidate’s suitability for the role with regards to experience. Make sure that your CV is fully up to date, not only in terms of the previous positions you’ve held but also with regards to specific projects you’ve worked on and the results you achieved. I also find it especially impressive when applicants show evidence of their own unpaid projects, such as putting together a portfolio site or maintaining their own blog. Although this isn’t a deal breaker, it certainly adds another string to your bow.

Maintain your professional status online

When we receive an application here at Hallam, I always scope out the candidates social media profiles. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is comprehensive and up to date, and that it gives the reflection of you, that your CV does. If you are already working within the marketing sector then there is a good chance that you will be active on Twitter, in which case I’m interested to see who you are following, who follows you and what sort of stuff you tweet about.

I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t partial to a bit of Facebook stalking. LinkedIn is great for presenting yourself professionally, however Facebook enables you to get a bit of a feel to someone’s personal side – I’m not saying that we would never interview someone who has a few pictures of themselves a bit worse for wear on a night out, but follow the “would I want me Mum to see this” rule. If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t want your prospective employer to either.

Final thoughts

If you are hoping to break into the digital marketing industry, or are a seasoned veteran looking for the next move then it’s essential to show your interest and demonstrate a passion for what you do best.  It’s important to do thorough research around the role and the company that you wish to work for, along with ensuring that your application is comprehensive and paints a true picture of your capabilities.

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