Whether you actually use Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any others, you’ll want to know what’s being said about you and your brand online. Trying to keep up to date with what’s being said can be a huge task but Hallam Internet has the perfect tool to monitor your social media activity… and it’s FREE.

In this video, Susan Hallam explores ‘Social Mention‘, a social media search engine platform where you browse all content across the social media spectrum. Make sure you’re always aware of where you stand in the social media realm. Watch the video now…


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Here’s the video transcript –

I’m Susan Hallam from Hallam Internet, and I’d like to talk to you today about social media marketing, and in particular an excellent social media search engine called Social Mention.

Social Mention is like Google, except for the fact that it searches for the places Google doesn’t – it searches blog comments, Facebook updates, YouTube videos, and images on Picasa. It lets you watch your social marketing footprint.

Whether you’re using social media or not, you might want to keep an eye on your online reputation, and that’s exactly what social media and Social Mention allows you to do.

It will let you see who’s speaking about you, what words they’re using, and most interestingly a sentiment to know whether they’re saying positive or negative things about you.

This service allows you to search it online, or will send you a weekly update to your email mailbox with an update of all mentions of your business.

Finally, Social Mention is free – so I suggest that you start using Social Mention as part of your social media strategy.



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