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Do you want to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd? You can add a video to your LinkedIn profile for free.  There is no need to upgrade to the paid for Premium version of LinkedIn to add a video when you can take advantage of a feature in the Slideshare, the web based PowerPoint sharing platform.

Whether you want to present your own company introduction, or show client testimonials, videos are a powerful way to market your business.

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile and you’ll see my video, and while you’re there be sure to connect with me!

Video in LinkedIn profile

Step by step guide to get a video on your LinkedIn profile

1. Create an account on Slideshare.   Here is a link to show an example of our Hallam Slideshare account

2. Create the video that you want to display and upload it to your YouTube account. Here is a link to our Hallam channel as an example

3.  Add the Slideshare application to your LinkedIn account.  To do this, login to your LinkedIn account. Hover over our name at the top right, and choose Settings.  Now on the tabs on the left choose Groups, Companies & Applications.  Finally, choose Add Applications, and from the list choose SlideShare.  You will link Slideshare to your LinkedIn account.


linkedin slideshare application

4. Add a presentation on Slideshare.  This presentation is a “container” for your video.  I recommend that you create a single slide with your company information that will show until somebody clicks to play the video.  Or it can be blank if you want the video to play automatically. Or it could  be a full Powerpoint presentation and the video is just part of a larger story.

5. While you are still in Slideshare, edit your presentation and you will be given an option to Edit YouTube Video. This is where you insert the video that created in step 2.

  • your video address will need to look something like this, with the word “watch” in it:
  • you can choose the position where you want the video to play: before the first slide, after the first slide, or at some point during the presentation

insert youtube video into slideshare

6. Finally, go back to your LinkedIn account. Edit your profile, and you will see the Slideshare application. You can choose which video you want to play.  Under the “Profile Settings” category, make sure to select “Show complete presentation in player”

2 responses to “How to put a video on your LinkedIn profile”

  1. Sam Rudland says:

    Hi Susan, this is a really helpful post. I’ve just used a similar approach to display a Prezi file via Slideshare on my LinkedIn profile. Same approach, upload an image to a PPT slide, link the image to the Prezi url (which in our case is embedded in our website), save, upload to Fileshare and then login to LinkedIn and select the presentation to display on your profile.

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