Today’s video explains how you can use Facebook effectively for your business. Facebook as a social media platform really is taking off in all industries.  Hallam has created a Facebook for Business Checklist, free for your use. Watch the video now and learn how to get the most out of Facebook.


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I’m Susan Hallam from Hallam, and I want to talk to you about how your business can use Facebook.

There are a lot of different choices and decisions you need to make when you’re setting up a Facebook page for your business, whether it consists of the cover that’s going to appear, the applications you’re using, and even indeed the address of your Facebook page.

What we have done is produce for you a free Facebook Business Checklist. My colleague Helen Laird has written a guide that you can work through on a step-by-step basis to make sure that your business is using Facebook correctly.

It is a guide that lists 17 different steps for you to take a look at in order to ensure that Facebook is working hard for you. Take a look at our checklist and see how you can improve your Facebook marketing.

>> Hallam’s Facebook for Business Checklist.


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