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In today’s video, Susan Hallam talks to us about the fastest growing social network site in the world, Pinterest. Susan explains the importance of Pinterest to businesses, in particular the ease at which your online content can go viral as well as the ability to reach out to wider audiences. Susan gives an example just prove to you how easy Pinterest is to use for your business; so watch the video, sign up today and start pinning today!

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Here’s the video transcript…

I’m Susan Hallam from Hallam, and I’d like to talk to you about Pinterest. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network, allowing users to share visual content through the means of notice boards. It’s kind of like visual scrapbooking for the internet, allowing us to link together ideas on different themes.

Now, a lot of businesses can be using Pinterest, because the beauty of it is that as you put pictures on your board, other people can share your content and transfer it to their boards – so once again, like every social media platform Pinterest allows viral spread of your content.

Let’s use one quick example – let’s assume that you’re running a B&B. You could create a Pinterest board that talks about attractions in your local area, restaurants in your local area, things to do, nature walks, cycle routes, and all sorts of things your guests will want to do when they come to your B&B.

They in turn users can share their content on their own boards, or you may find a restaurant and pin your B&B information as a recommendation of where people could stay when they want to come to that restaurant.

Pinterest is a visual social sharing site, and typically people are sharing infographics and other images, but businesses can be using Pinterest in order to reach new types of customers, using a new form of social media. Try Pinterest.

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