In this video our student intern George Hallam shares some top tips for how you can easily write effective copy for your website and blog. Great time saving ideas like how to rewrite previously written popular content as well as how you can start writing your own content from scratch are included in the video. Watch the video now…

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Here’s the video transcript –

Hi, I’m George Hallam from Hallam, and I’m here today to talk to you about copywriting for blog posts.

First of all, re-writing – if a blog is full of interesting and relevant content, don’t be afraid to re-write it. Here are three steps to follow when re-writing. First of all, read through to get a good understanding of the whole article. Secondly, as much as you can, try and re-write from your own memory, just refering back when you need to.

Remember, it’s all about getting your own twist into the writing. I like to use a thesaurus to avoid using dull vocabulary. Think about the style of writing you’d like to be reading in a blog – these re-writes will then get published and sent off to blogging sites, all with the end goal of gaining a link for our clients.

Now we’ll talk about how you’ll write a brand new blog post. Firstly, know your audience – view their site first to get a good understanding of their approach and tone. Secondly, know your keywords – stick to the topic without losing focus of the message you need to send out. Thirdly,

I like to do a Google search and see what other people are writing about around the area – this helps me gain inspiration for my own writing. Finally, always write with your audience in mind.

Here are some of my top 5 blogging tips. Firstly, remember the acronym WIFM – ‘what’s in it for me’. As selfish as it sounds, the audience don’t want to hear about you – they want to know what’s in it for them. Secondly, tone of voice – are you speaking the same language as your audience? Thirdly, sentence structure – this may vary but not overly so. Try and find an element of consistency. Fourthly, put important content at the top to captivate the reader. Lastly, vary the layout of your writing. Try and give it an extra dimension by using sub-headings, bullet points, and lists.

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