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10 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Customer Service Levels

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Hallam Digital Markekting Agency

Keep your visitors and potential customers happy by ensuring that your website is geared up to be the ultimate customer service tool.

This post highlights some of the essential elements that should be included on your website in order to provide a richer customer experience, along with some suggestions on how business owners could possibly go the extra mile to delight their customers online.

1. Clearly Display Your Phone Number

If a visitor wants to call you, they won’t appreciate having to trawl through your website to locate a phone number. Make sure that your phone number is displayed clearly and prominently on your website, ideally in the header and footer. This will ensure that these details appear across every page, so no matter where your customers go, they can always make that call.


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2. Include a Clearly Signposted and Easy to Complete Contact Form

It’s not enough to simply include your contact email address on your website. Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch by including a contact form that’s clearly signposted from your both your navigation pages and your internal pages. Don’t overcomplicate things with too many fields, drop down menus, and tick boxes. Just ensure that visitors can leave you with the vital information you require to help resolve their query.

3. List Your Full Address Details and Other Useful Information About Your Location

Including your business addresses on your website has several benefits: People may wish to write to you, or locate you so that they can plan a visit. What’s more, including your business address plays a huge role in optimising your website for local searches.

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4. Give Busy Visitors the Option to Chat to You at a Time Convenient to Them

Busy people may not be in a position to contact you for a long chat when they are browsing your website. By calling your visitors back at a time convenient to them, you will be doing them a favour that’s sure to be appreciated. So give your visitors the option to request a specific contact time. Not only will you then capture their contact details, but you will already know that they are willing to discuss business with you, so you know it won’t be a wasted call.

5. Be Ready to Respond to Your Customers over Social Media

Many businesses are leveraging the instant, responsive nature of social media to provide a point of contact for their customers. At the same time, customers are taking to social media to try and find answers to their queries. Ensuring that you have well presented and well maintained social media accounts will enable you to respond to any customers who expect an instant response.

6. Set Expectations Early by Including Information Relating to Deliveries, Returns, and Policy

If you are selling and distributing goods online, then it’s vital that you inform you consumers of when they can expect to receive their orders, and how they can go about returning products should they not be satisfied with their purchase. Don’t hide this information on your website. Make it easy for your customers to find, set expectations as early as you can.

7. Save Time by Providing Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A comprehensive FAQ page can save you hours of time in responding to queries over the phone and via email. If you have been in business for a good period of time, then you will no doubt have an idea of the main questions customers regularly ask. Take advantage of this knowledge and provide clear answers to your customers whilst they are browsing your website.

8. Make It Easy for Your Customers to Find the Information They Need

If your website contains lots of pages, include a search function to help customers to quickly find the information they need. If it’s easier for your visitors to find what they need, you may find that they naturally spend more time on your site.

9. Help Customers Who Are Currently Active and Browsing Your Website with Live Chat

Installing live chat software on your website allows you to engage with any customers who are currently browsing your website. Without being overly intrusive, you can politely offer help to anyone who appears to be interested in your services. Implementing live chat accurately may help to improve conversions, build loyalty, and deliver excellent levels of customer service.

10. Put a Name to the Faces and Build Trust with a Meet the Team Page

By creating an interesting and engaging meet the team page for your website, you can give your business a human face. This helps to build trust and credibility with your prospective customers, and it demonstrates that genuine people are ready to address their concerns.

In Conclusion

Visitors who experience great levels of customer service when visiting your website are more likely to return. On top of that, they are also likely to say positive things about your business, which in turn may bring additional business your way. It is always worth asking customers for feedback regarding their experience of your website and service levels, so that you can refine and improve upon your existing methods.

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