Analytics reviewOn the 10th February a new site went live that I think some of our readers may be interested in. Although I think the team at Hallam do a fantastic job of curating and organising a lot of Internet Marketing news for our readers and subscribers there are always going to be some absolute crackers that we miss.

This is where comes in. Created for fun (are you guys not busy enough?) by Rand from SEOMoz and Dharmesh from Hubspot the site aims to create a community around only the highest quality marketing news.

Based on the concept borrowed from Hacker News (lots of geeky stuff there) the community suggest marketing content and then vote on it – that’s it – uber simple concept. With broad categories like Advertising, Analytics, Blogging, Branding, Community, Content, CRO, Design / UX, Email, Entrepreneurship, Events, Industry News, Local / Maps, Mobile, Offline Marketing, Press / PR, SEO, Social, Technology, Video and Web Development it covers any aspect of Internet and Inbound Marketing that you need to keep an eye on.

I had a play with the site over the weekend and I have to say it is both easy to use and (for the time being anyway) there are great posts making their way to the top that you may have missed otherwise. Rand has pointed out that this release is a minimal viable product and it looks like the community are going to be able to shape what the site becomes.

The great thing about is its simplicity – the navigation is simple and effective: navigation

The process for sharing is just as easy, with only a couple of clicks before your suggested article is live on the site and eligible for voting – it is this simplicity that has helped to create a a fairly active community in only a few days.

Active community on internet marketing curated news site

Although there appears to be some cracks that need ironing out and low quality spam already appearing (but disappearing just as quickly I might add) I strongly suggest that you go and check out the site – there is loads of potential here and it looks like it could be around for the long haul.

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