Instagram Introduces Stories

Posted on 10/08/2016 by Team Hallam

Instagram have released a new feature called Stories, providing users with the ability to post videos and photos in a slideshow style format. Content will only display for 24 hours and it is very similar to the concept of Snapchat.

Instagram Stories offer a solution to those users who want to post a number of images, without spamming their followers on their main news feed. Their followers then have the opportunity to actively select the Instagram Story they would like to watch.


Could Instagram Stories Replace Snapchat?

Snapchat users have shown confusion about its usability in the past and despite its redesign it can still be challenging for users to learn how to use it. Instagram Stories demonstrate a great deal of potential by gaining an insight into its younger users’ behaviours with this feature.

Instagram have a larger demographic with 500 million users while Snapchat announced in February 2016 that they had only just reached 100 million daily users. With the introduction of Instagram Stories, it is possible that there could be a shift away from Snapchat towards Instagram Stories.

Could Instagram Stories be one step ahead with its winning interface? We will have to wait and see!

How It Works

Creating an Instagram Story is relatively easy:

  1. First tap the plus sign in the top left hand corner or alternatively swipe right on the main screen to reveal this feature.

2. To record a story on Instagram, press the white circle to take a photo. Or to start filming a video hold down the button for a couple of seconds.

3. You can edit your story with text by tapping anywhere on the screen and typing. There are also three types of pens to choose from which you can select in the top right hand corner.

4. Tap the middle arrow to save your story.

5. Your story will now be uploaded to the top of the feed.


View Stories On Instagram:

To navigate to an Instagram story is simple. You can either click on the options presented at the top of the newsfeed or go to a specific user’s profile and click on the their profile picture. Stories will automatically start to play. To move through the stream of stories from the newsfeed, swipe either left or right.

If you do not want people to see your story you have the ability to hide the visibility of your story.

For more information on who can see your story take a look at Instagram’s help centre.

How Can Your Business Use Instagram Stories?

Timely Content

Boohoo visited a cat café in Manchester on World Cat Day on 8th August. The business captured moments throughout the visit on Instagram Stories.

Instagram-Stories- Urban Outfitters

Product Promotions

Primark have been taking advantage of Instagram Stories by promoting their products. The company did a countdown of ten products that were under £10.00.

Instagram-Stories-Primark example


Behind the Scenes

Lush Cosmetics recorded behind the scenes footage when they were waiting to make an appearance on ITV this week.



Urban Outfitters designed a competition for followers for a chance to win a signed skatedeck signed by Justin Bieber.

Instagram-Stories- Urban Outfitters competition


Linking to Other Marketing Campaigns

Urban Outfitters creatively found a way of linking their Instagram Stories with existing marketing campaigns on Twitter and their website.



Instagram Stories are a great way for businesses to engage with followers and increase brand awareness. Has your business experimented with Instagram Stories yet? We’d love to hear how you have been using this new feature.

Let us know what you think of Instagram Stories by tweeting @HallamInternet or leaving a comment below.

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Instagram Introduces Stories

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