Google is always looking for new ways to encourage users to interact and engage with their ads. December 2015 saw the launch of new interactive ads targeting app installs.

Interactive ads allow marketers to demonstrate app abilities and functionality before a download takes place. This will allow both a greater user experience and a higher engagement level post download, both huge advantages for the advertiser. Even more of an advantage to the advertiser is that you will not be charged  until the users clicks to download the ad.

Google’s own research suggests that users are spending less time on purchasing decisions. It is therefore more important than ever to make an instant impact when influencing buyer behaviour, and these ad formats provide marketers with a greater opportunity to do so.

Customised Mobile Ads

Google is launching in beta Interactive Interstitial ads that offer each advertiser a completely customised user experience within the app. Using HTML5 instead of the more standard templates, it gives advertisers the freedom to pull in data dynamically, allowing for almost endless possibilities:


Customised Interactive Mobile Ads

Customised Interactive Mobile Ads Offer


















With the ability for marketers to fully customise the app experience, there is no doubt that this will increase the engagement rate not only with the initial app download rates, but also in post download engagement.

Interactive Interstitial ads offer a range of benefits:

  • The ability to segment the users and provide specific content based on the demographics
  • A new platform for showcasing the latest products and offering
  • An opportunity demonstrate the value of an app in full before downloading
  • A chance to split test at a very granular level

Finally, the customisable nature of the app allows marketers to ensure that their message is always relevant. This can be based on the time of day, day of the week, or even on current events.

Play A Game Within An Ad

“Trial Run Ads” allow a user to play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming content from the app before downloading. By becoming more engaging, the ad gets to demonstrate a feature of the apps capabilities within the ad, rather than simply relying on imagery. This works out great for both the user and the app developer, as the user has a greater understanding of the app before downloading, and the developer attracts a more qualified user:

Trial Run Ads

While Trial Run ads are primarily designed for game use, in time businesses of all kinds will doubtlessly find a way to put this format to good use.

What This Could Mean For Your Business

Once it’s fully rolled out, there’ll be almost endless opportunities to test content elements with interactive ads offers. I expect to see businesses take full advantage of the interactive nature when trying to push ad downloads. Whether it’s with apps for business use or with gaming apps, the ability to allow the user to experience the app’s capabilities prior to downloading is a huge step forward in mobile advertising.

As users become more accustomed to interactive ads for app downloads, advertisers will likely be under increased pressure to show off a greater range of app features. This may become the biggest challenge for marketers as interactive apps become more common.

Unfortunately, both trial run ads and Interactive Interstitials are currently in Beta and only available to a limited set of advertisers. We will be keeping a keen eye on developments and how this will be rolled out to a wider audience later in the year.

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