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While a dedicated Android app for Google Analytics has been available for a couple of years now, Google just released an iOS version of the app.

The new app is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and requires iOS 6.0 and later in order to run.

With this standalone app, iOS users can now access their analytics accounts and see any real time information or insights they require on the move. This allows users to increase their productivity without the need of third party apps.

The Real-Time panel of the app might be the most useful feature for a mobile device, since you can look at how your website is performing whenever you want,  just by checking your phone.

All the other panels from the desktop mode are also there, allowing you to tap on them and get more details and analysis options.Google Analytics APP

Segment filtering the available data is also easy just by tapping on the icon at the top right of the screen (see below). When segmentation is active, the icon will turn orange. This lets you know that the data you see is segmented, proving once again that Google really focuses on usability and making their products easy to use and understand.

Google Analytics APP segmentation

Unfortunately there are some downsides with the app. If you wanted to completely manage your analytics account through your mobile, or if you want to do more than just see your data, you are out of luck. The app does not allow you to create goals or change permission, for example.

Unfortunately, such functions have not been implemented in the mobile version. For the full experience, you will still have to log in though the regular browser version of Google Analytics.

So while a standalone app is nothing new (since it already existed for Android), the new iOS app provides iPhone and iPad users with the ability to check their data. This should prove immeasurably useful for many, but the app is certainly no substitute for the desktop version of Google Analytics.

Still, this new app is easy to use, and it’s certainly a good tool for iPhone users to have at their disposal.

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