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Most companies set out to create a website that they can rely on to be relevant for the next few years.  While we don’t know exactly what changes are on the horizon, there is one thing that you can be sure of, your website needs to look good and function properly on a mobile phone.

Anyone who attended Charles Arthur’s talk at The Internet Conference will know that online browsing on the move is a major new trend.  More and more people are browsing the internet on their phone.  More and more people have smartphones.  The numbers of people buying smartphones and using them to surf the web is set to get much, much greater.

So all of you smart website owners will want to get ahead and make your website is mobile-friendly now.

Use the iPhone simulator to find out how your website looks on an iPhone.  Chances are if it doesn’t function properly on this fancy smartphone, less sophisticated mobile browsers will struggle with your site.


Do you like what you see?  Does your website look good on a mobile phone?


Katie Saxon

3 responses to “Is Your Website Mobile-friendly?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Ideally you should have a completely seperate website to view on mobile devices and don’t just take into account the iPhone – this is a good article http://www.sugarrushbelfast.com/blog/going-mobile-in-2010/

  2. Jeremy, you’re right – no one should just take into account the iPhone, but this simulator is a good starter for 10 when thinking about mobile-friendly sites.

    We will be posting our guide to optimising your site for a mobile phone very soon. Jeremy’s excellent suggestion of creating a separate site just for phones is one good tip that you might see featuring in the guide!

  3. Andy Moore says:

    Hi there,

    For best practice you should serve both mobile and desktop content on the same URL, technically it’s called thematic consistency and can be enabled with a number of device detection methods, Google: ‘detect mobile device’. 😉

    One set of URLs to link to, one set of URLs to manage, it’s easier and makes more sense!

    I’ve tried and tested mobile sites over a number of years, I’m mTLD / .mobi Certified Mobile Web Developer.

    If you have a mobile site and a desktop site you will end up with odd results in the results.

    For example:

    Mobile site in desktop results
    Desktop site in mobile results

    Even using tags to tell spiders there’s an alternative version of the page isn’t cutting it.

    After years I’ve relaunched an old site, it had a /wap version which I’ve now done away with, all the old /wap urls now 301 to the new address for the page and that will serve either XHTML or XHTML-MP to the device depending on the capabilities.

    I’m not just catering for iPhones but all smart phones. You need to draw a line under some devices and think ‘nah they’re history’ as well as know the handsets your target marketplace use. Viewers here I guess are on high end devices, not bargain basement throw-away handsets.

    Katie, if you folks are putting something together on mobile I’d be more than happy to contribute!

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