What’s worth reading if you want to keep up with the latest developments in search engine optimisation?

Well, why not let other SEO fans suggest what they’re reading?

Google’s personalised home page has a new feature that allows you to define “Tabs” for subjects you’re interested in . Google will automatically populate it with popular content from other people’s Tabs. It’s another step forward in terms of social networking.

So, I created a Tab called “SEO” and the personalised home page gave me these recommended readings:

(… have you also noticed you can now “skin” your desktop with interactive images. In this case, the sun rises and sets according to the time of day…)

The big guns in SEO are all there in my new Tab: Matt Cutts, Danny Sullivan, SEOMoz.

But if you own favourite isn’t there, you can “add stuff” to your Tab. Google tracks as new stuff gets added, and as new content becomes more popular it will become part of the standard “I feel lucky” setting.

Take a look at OutOfMyGord’s posting if you want to read more.

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