If you want your business to appear in the Local Search Results, but are strapped for time and not sure where to begin, then we have designed an Infographic to help you to identify your priorities.

This infographic is based on Moz’s Local SEO Ranking Factors 2013, a body of research conducted annually by David Mihm, the Director of Local Search at Moz.

Susan Hallam of Hallam was one of the contributing panelists, and the only contributor this year from the UK.

Infographic: A Top Level View of Local SEO Ranking Factors

The Moz Local SEO Ranking Factor report provides a detailed breakdown of dozens of different local SEO activities.  Refer to the detailed report if you want the specific details in order to build your step by step action plan, but if what you want is an overview of the Overall Ranking Factors in one handy page, then here you go:

Local SEO Ranking Factors - How to Spend Your Time via SEOMoz


The Local SEO Ranking Factors

How do the various contributory factors compare in terms of influencing the Local SEO results?

The research panel suggested the following activities contributed to the overall success of a Local SEO campaign:

Google Place Page Signals: 19.6%

On Page Signals:  18.8%

External Location Signals, such as local directories: 16%

Link Signals, meaning inbound linking: 14.4%

Review Signals: 10.3%

Social Signals: 6.3%

Behavioural and Mobile Signals: 6.1%

Personalisation: 8.3%



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