Mailchimp Introduces Product Recommendations

Posted on 09/06/2016 by Team Hallam

Mailchimp has a new paid feature called Product Recommendations.

Product Recommendations analyse the pages that individual subscribers visit on your website and purchase history. Based on this data, this feature then recommends products that are the most relevant to each customer and selects the products that the subscriber is most likely to buy.

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How to Use Mailchimp Product Recommendation

The Mailchimp Product Recommendation feature is most effective if your ecommerce site has a lot of data to work with. For example, it helps to have at least 10 products in your range.

But if you don’t have enough data to effectively use Mailchimp Product Recommendations, you might still use this feature to promote your top selling products.

To start using Product Reommendation:

  1. Integrate your ecommerce website with Mailchimp. This new feature will then be available to use on the right hand side in the drop-and-drag editor.
  2. Mailchimp will then analyse the data from your previous customers.
  3. Having logged into Mailchimp, add a product recommendation block into your email campaign. Once you are happy with the format, your campaign is good to go.

How Mailchimp Product Recommendations Can Benefit Your Business

  • Increase sales on your ecommerce website – Product Recommendations are principally data-driven and as a result this could increase the sales you make on your ecommerce website. For example, this feature will allow you to review your ecommerce data and target repeat buyers.
  • Build customer loyalty – This new feature allows ecommerce businesses to reconnect with inactive customers. For example, if a subscriber has not purchased a product again, or if a significant amount of time has passed.
  • Saves time – Product Recommendations automatically recommends products. This feature personalizes product recommendations for each subscriber on your list and automatically generates 10 products that are unique to them. You can then choose whether or not to include these in a campaign. This will save you time while providing an easier way of tailoring campaigns based on the data from your subscribers.

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Mailchimp Introduces Product Recommendations

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