Bing Ads includes a handy campaign import feature that allows you to directly import campaigns straight from Google AdWords. In this post I explain how to set up a scheduled Bing Ads import from AdWords to save you time.

How to Schedule the Importing of AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads

Scheduling Google AdWords imports into Bing Ads

Sign into your Bing Ads account and then complete the following steps:

1. Login to Your Bing Ads Account and Go to Import Campaigns

Select your AdWords account to import into Bing Ads

2. Select Your AdWords Account

Click Continue, and then select the AdWords account that you would like to import from.

Select the AdWords account that you would like to import

3. Choose Your Campaign Import Options

Click Sign into Your Google AdWords and then Accept. You will need to decide whether you want to import all campaigns or just specific campaigns.Import all your campaigns from AdWords or specific campaigns into Bing Ads

By default, Bing Ads hides all the important settings under Advanced Options and Other Options. Let’s have a look at which settings you need to watch out for:
Choose your Bing Ads import options


Click on Show Advanced Options next to the Import New Items check box.

Advanced options under what to import into Bing Ads settings.

Which AdWords Import Settings Should You Look out For?

By default, all of the campaign and import items settings are pre-selected. It is almost as if Bing want you to spend more money. I strongly suggest that you review the advanced options before completing your scheduled Bing Ads Import from Adwords.

I recommend that you untick the Targeting Option, otherwise your device bid adjustments will be imported. You may want to turn off and manage these within Bing Ads, as device performance on Bing will be different and you should set bid adjustments accordingly.

Negative Keywords Are Different Within Bing Ads

Bing Ads doesn’t support negative broad match keywords, and so all existing AdWords broad match negatives will be converted to phrase match.

4. Select the Campaign Settings for Your Scheduled Bing Ads Campaign Import

To view the advanced campaign import settings, click on the Show Advance Options under the Import Existing Items section.

Reviewing the AdWords campaign import settings in Bing Ads

Again, I recommend unticking the targeting option here because Bing Ads doesn’t recognise the same locations as AdWords, and you could end up targeting the whole world if none of your locations are recognised. It is also a good idea to set any campaign bid adjustments differently within Bing Ads rather than rely on AdWords bids.

Uncheck the Campaign Budgets option if you intend to manage budgets independently within Bing Ads. I would also avoid importing ad group, keyword, auto-target and product bids on anything but your initial campaign import. These should really be managed within Bing Ads, as the required auction bids are going to be different.

5. Bids and Budgets, and Other Options

The Bids and Budgets options should be reviewed as the increase bids below Bing Ads minimum to:0.05 GBP and increase campaign budgets below Bing Ads minimum to: 0.05 GBP for Daily Budgets, and 5.00 GBP for monthly budgets, as this may impact on spend.

The other options section gives you control over appending landing page URLs, setting up tracking templates and updating campaigns that have had names changed in AdWords into Bing Ads.

If you are running Bing Shopping, then select your Bing Merchant Center account from the drop-down, once you have clicked the Associate Bing Merchant Center Store With Imported Shopping Campaigns and Ad Extensions check box.

Bing Ads bids and budgets and other options

Once you have selected your options, click Continue.

6. Schedule Your AdWords Campaign to Be Imported into Bing Ads

The next step when setting up your Bing Ads Import from Adwords, is to decide when your campaigns will import from the options of now, once, daily, weekly or monthly.

Scheduling Adwords campaign import frequency in Bing Ads

You can then select exactly when the import occurs, set an import name and whether you receive emails when imports have completed.

Bing Ads schedule time for importing your AdWords campaigns


Once you are happy with the settings, click Schedule and your Bing Ads Scheduled import is now complete.

It is a good idea to review your Bing Ads account performance following any scheduled Bing Ads imports from AdWords to make sure you imported changes are performing as you intended.

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