Marketing Data Audit

An essential first step to enable you to adapt to the new privacy-first marketing landscape.

Our approach

The seismic change to
Digital Marketing

We will help you better prepare for the privacy-first change by reviewing your marketing data maturity level.

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deep dive

We will firstly undertake a technical discovery with your IT, analytics, and/or data team to review your current systems and measurement frameworks in place.


Marketing data diagnostic

Once we have an understanding of your current processes and technology, we will run a diagnostic to assess your maturity level against a range of key categories.


Report and recommendations

We will provide a detailed report that explains your current situation, and provides recommendations on how to adopt a ‘privacy-first’ data approach.

What does this mean?

The core foundations of data management & digital media are about to be shaken up, and in a big way, specifically, this will impact:

It is essential to understand how these changes will impact your business over the next 6 months so that you can gain a head start on your competition and prepare yourselves for a privacy-first marketing landscape. Without this, you won’t be able to withstand the colossal changes such as the loss of cookies and other shifts in the digital world that make data harder to obtain.

Marketing Data Audit

What’s in the report:

Once we have completed our analysis we will present a detailed report covering each of the following areas:

  • Data curation and consent
  • CRM
  • Reporting and attribution
  • Marketing data usage
  • Marketing technology

This will provide bespoke recommendations and advice based on your current situation and how to adapt your approach for a privacy-first future.

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