You have just a few critical seconds to convince visitors lookingi at your website that their time is well spent. In the Internet age it’s got to be quick, or you lose the punters.

At a recent East Midlands Ebusiness club meeting I asked the delegates what they disliked most about certain web sites, and the universal response is “slow loading pages”.

In my first Toolbox article, I’d like to tell you about a Webpage Analyzer: a free website speed test tool that calculates your page size, page composition, and that all important download time.

The download table shows you how quickly your page appears on a standard dial up line, as well as various broadband speeds.

It also makes recommendations how your page could be improved to cut download time.

It may not make comfortable reading, but simple changes to your site could cut down the time it takes your site to load, and keep those all important eyeballs.

Update 2017.

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