Your customers are searching the Internet on their mobile phones.  But what are they searching for?  Google has a new Keyword Tool so you can find out and optimise your site for mobile phones.

The Google Mobile Keyword Tool gives you the data you need to work out which words people are using to discover you when they’re browsing on a mobile.  Whether you want to target smartphone users with full internet browsers, people using mobile (WAP) browsers or all mobile web users, this tool will only show you stats for the devices that you are interested in.

To keep things simple, Google has integrated this new information into their existing keyword tool.

Simply click on “Advanced Options” for access to the mobile search data:


You can use this to discover the best terms to target in your SEO campaign for mobile phones.  This data can help you to create a website that has been optimised for mobiles, to improve your existing phone-friendly site or to generate new content for visitors who are on the go.

Get your mobile SEO sorted out now!

Read the announcement on the Inside AdWords Blog

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Katie Saxon

3 responses to “Mobile SEO: Google Keyword Tool”

  1. Great article, Katie

    I wrote an article back in 2009 so it may be a bit out of date, but you may want to take a look and it has some very useful references in it that you can follow up if you want to read more:

  2. Great post Katie – it is important to remember that people searching on their mobile phones will be using different terminology and language. Often mobile searchers use some form of local intent when searching, like you say Katie mobiles are for people on the go and the keyords often reflect this.

  3. Everyone is browsing on a mobile phone these days. Thanks for reminding us that searching habits may be different while on the go. Great information!

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