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Bite Your TongueI had the most extraordinary comment written on my blog earlier this week, the author having taken the time and effort to write a response amounting to more than 2,632 words.  That’s five pages of A4 paper, single spaced using a 12 point font.

Take a look, it is Comment Number 11 on my BT Web Clicks Review article.

Unfortunately, the comment would appear (perhaps, possibly, allegedly) to be written by someone who is in some way associated with the reviewed service.

My question is this: how much did this comment help BT’s cause? And would it have been better to just bite your tongue when negative reviews are written about your business?

Perhaps he was trying to drown out the other comments on the posting? Unfortunately, it only served to make the blog article even more keyword rich, and it ranks  happily in the top ten results for searches.

Perhaps he was trying to genuinely persuade us of the merits of his service?  Then this side of the argument might be best left to the genuine customers who jump to your defense, or at worst case the marketing department.




One response to “Negative Comments: bite your tongue”

  1. Heather says:

    Apart from the ridiculous length, it’s such beautifully crafted copy that looks so out of place amongst the mispelled streams of consciousness that real people write. Wonder why it took BT so long to spot the blog and respond (inappropriately)?

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