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LinkedIn has redesigned the layout of their  website, and I like the new look!

You may not be seeing the new LinkedIn layout yet, but LinkedIn has announced it is being rolled out to users at the moment.

What has been changed in the design:

  • the main navigation colour scheme has now changed to dark grey, and the menu  remains fixed at the top of your browser as you scroll up and down the page,  making it easier to interact with the options that encourage networking.
  • The background colour scheme has been changed to a light grey, and accent colours changed to a bright blue.
  • The main navigation bar is now smaller, leaving more space for content.  Likewise, other design elements have been rearranged to generally give the a more spacious feeling on the pages
  • the design has been made more visually appealing with larger images, clearer use of icons


New LinkedIn Layout: new linkedin design


Linkedin is trying to give users a slicker, more engaging experience, and to a certain extent it is succeeding.

For example, the Groups page now shows me recent activity on my groups, new discussions, and most importantly for me, who I know that has been active in the group:

linkedin Groups redesign



Earlier this year LinkedIn bought Slideshare, the web service that enables users to upload their Powerpoint presentations, and then share your slides on websites and other social networks.

Now that you can embed YouTube videos inside your Slideshare presentations, your LinkedIn profile can lead directly to a video about you and your business:

inkedin slideshare


There are also starting to be functional changes to Linkedin, for example your Tweets can no longer be automatically retweeted as a LinkedIn update.  However, your LinkedIn updates can still be automatically sent to Twitter for you.

LinkedIn say that there will continue to be design changes, as well as the introduction of new functionality.


2 responses to “New LinkedIn Layout: Linkedin refreshes its web design”

  1. I like it as well, the black gives the site an overall professional look.

  2. Martin says:

    I still have the old layout and only today have connected with someone who has this layout. I like this new look. Is there a way I can change it manually?

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