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With more than 600 delegates and raising £15,280 in charitable donations to Framework, The Nottingham Digital Summit is the largest and most successful digital conference in the East Midlands. See all our expert speaker presentations here.

Our first Nottingham Digital Summit took place on 21 June 2018 at The Nottingham Playhouse.  The Summit is inspirational digital marketing conference that brings together the marketing, creative and tech communities for a series of seminars exploring the latest thinking in our industry.

Together the delegates attending the Summit donated £15,280 in lieu of conference fees to Hallam’s charity of the year, Framework.

The Nottingham Digital Summit will be returning in 2019, so keep an eye on the @NottmDigital Twitter account for more information and important announcements.

In this round up you have access to all our speaker slide decks and summaries, and the speaker videos will follow shortly once we have them edited.

But starting first with a video telling the story of #NottmDigital…

This is #NottmDigital Video

Our friends at Studio Softbox have produced this great video giving a flavour of what the amazing Nottingham Digital Summit was all about.


The slide decks from the Nottingham Digital Summit

Search: A New Evolution – Vikas Arora – Nottingham Digital Summit

How to Make Your Content Marketing Cheap, Scalable and Effective – Kirsty Hulse – Nottingham Digital Summit

Speedo Goggles: Looking Through A New Digital Lens – Rachel Starling – Nottingham Digital Summit

Improving Your Digital Marketing Skills – Dr Dave Chaffey – Nottingham Digital Summit

Harnessing Automation To Power Your Online Advertising – Owen Gill – Nottingham Digital Summit

Uncovering the “Why” in the Data Driven World of “What” – Dr Sam Howard – Nottingham Digital Summit

Search in a Screenless World – Barry Adams – Nottingham Digital Summit

Marketing Personalisation: Evolving Consumer Engagement – Ian Coupland – Nottingham Digital Summit

Design Systems: The Visual Language of Your Brand – Julio Taylor – Nottingham Digital Summit

A Fireside Chat with Meaghan from Google – Nottingham Digital Summit

Great Inclusive Design Process: Design with People, Not for People – Gavin Holland – Nottingham Digital Summit


Delegate reviews and analysis of the Summit

How Microsoft is using AI to transform Bing – and claw back market share (an interview with speaker @VikasArora) by Dan Robinson published on @CompeloMedia

A Vlog montage of the day (YouTube video) by Caron (CJ) Lyon at @PCMCreative

3 lessons from the Nottingham Digital Summit by @JoelMurray

Reflecting on the Nottingham Digital Summit by @NikkiMcCaig  published on @RollerAgency

3 top takeaways from the Nottingham Digital Summit by @GavinLewellyn published on @SmartInsights

8 top takeaways from #NottmDigital by @DebbieDooodah

Soon we will be searching in a screenless world as voice search takes hold  (an interview with speaker @BarryAdams) by Dan Robinson published on @CompeloMedia



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