• June 30 will be one second longer than any other day this year

  • This “leap second” is added to synchronise atomic clocks with the Earth’s rotational time

  • Every second on the internet sees 100,000 YouTube views, 9,000  tweets, more than 2 million emails, and Apple earns an extra £1497.08.

One Second on the Internet - Hallam

One Second on the Internet : Lost Time

Most of us won’t notice the extra second added to our lives at 23:59:59, but this sliver of time can cause huge problems for computers.

The leap second added in 2012 caused a crash on the Reddit, Mozilla, and Gawker Media networks.

Not all computers recognise the leap second. Apple and Google devices synchronise with internet time services that are tied to atomic clocks. Standard Windows systems, though, simply ignore the leap second.

As for GPS systems, they are often off as much as 16 seconds from true civilian time.

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