Universal Search is the “other” content that Google displays in the search results: Images, Video, Shopping results, News, Maps, and more. The prominence of universal search results means less space on the first page of Google results for your own website to appear. Your search engine optimisation strategy isn’t just about your optimising your website, you now need  tactics for getting your other content ranking well.

How do you optimise your own content for Universal Search?  I’ve produced some quick checklists for the main results types that I presented at the eChampions event about Universal Search.  I’ve summarised them here, and provided access to my slides:

Optimising Images for Search

See my article on how to optimise your images for the search engines

  • Keyword rich image filename
  • Keyword rich ALT tags
  • Embed image on a relevant page
  • Create internal and external links to the image
  • Enable Image Search in Your Webmaster Tools
  • Include Keywords in your image
  • Participate in Google Image Labeler


Optimising Video for Search

  • Use Original Text when describing your video – make it unique, and keyword rich
  • Video Title (120 characters)
  • Description (start with your URL) (1000 characters)
  • Tags (120 characterse)
  • Nothing new under the sun: Incoming links
  • Community interaction: Views, Ratings, Comments
  • Your own interaction on YouTube: contributions
  • Views: embed on other keyword rich relevant pages
  • Going viral: Name your channel something good (“How to..”

Optimising Your Products for Google Shopping

  • Requires online sales
  • Create a high quality data feed with complete set of item attributes
  • Category
  • Mandatory, Recommended & Optional attributes
  • Tax and shipping
  • Specific Image
  • Manufacturers Part Number (MPN) or Universal Product Code (UPC) or equivalent
  • Custom attributes (what people search for)

Optimising Your Google Local Listing:

  • Verify listed in Google Local Business Centre
  • Have a local address
  • Choose appropriate categories for listing
  • Include product/service in Company Name
  • Get listed in the major local directories
  • Create a complete listing
  • Have a locally-optimised website
  • Get customer reviews

Optimising your News

  • Press release newswire services
  • Keyword rich
  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Headings
  • Bold, italic
  • Focus on keywords at the top of the release
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword rich links back to your site

Universal Search Optimisation
– Slideshare Slides

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