Google may command a whopping 78% market share of searches in the UK, but there many other search engines that are superior to Google for specific searching tasks.

Charles Knight has produced a guide to the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines and I tried out some of his recommendations.

is a search engine that has a real person waiting there to help you out (I guess they used to be called librarians…) I gave my personal guide Marna the task of finding out driving license requirements in Ireland. The ChaCha gave the search results, and then Marna very helpfully hand-selected two results which were perfect for my needs. Wonderful!

If you haven’t played with Ms Dewey then you’ve missed a treat. She’s tough and sassy and a unique search partner.

My favourite meta search engine is Ixquick – it searches across multiple search engines simultaneously and shows you the relative rankings for your team in each engine.

Charles Knight will be updating his list of search engines regularly, so well worth keeping an eye on those developments.

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