Native advertising

Create expertly-targeted ads that blend in perfectly to their platform.

Our approach

We focus on targeting that’s content-driven and objective-led

When it comes to native advertising, our approach is based on three key foundations:

Content-driven targeting

We carefully select the content that our clients’ ads appear next to, so that it comes across as natural as possible on a webpage or news feed.


We focus our ads on key objectives and make sure that any ad placements decisions are based on these.

Multiple networks

We use various ad delivery platforms which gives us access to a huge inventory of niche sectors.

A proven track record of delivering valuable native ad campaigns

For native advertising to work effectively, you need a campaign that appears totally natural in a web page or news feed. That’s why we put a focus on carefully selected content – by understanding the topics certain websites and platforms cover, and the types of audience they attract, we can qualify segments to place ads.

Built around your objectives

Like with any form of advertising, we carefully consider the client’s objectives and make sure any placement decisions are made based on these. By creating messaging that not only appears natural alongside web content or in a news feed, but also to meet a certain objective, we ensure our campaigns are effective and providing the most value possible. It also means we can report on what matters to our clients, rather than on valueless metrics.

Multiple links and connections

We have access to multiple digital networks and platforms with highly granular targeting options. This gives us the opportunity to place very specific messaging in front of publishers in niche sectors.

Here at Hallam we have a highly-skilled technical team with vast experience in executing native ad campaigns – so if you want to find out more about how it can work for your business, get in touch today.

Client testimonial

Delivering against stretch targets a year ahead of schedule

“Hallam have the most experienced team in the region and consistently deliver on our online growth targets.”

Elliot Kirk - Ecommerce Manager, Raleigh Bikes

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