Millions of potential customers are using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks every day.

Paid social gives forward thinking businesses a unique opportunity to:

  • Access an exciting new audience of potential buyers and brand ambassadors
  • Tell your brand story and spread your brand message
  • Create expertly targeted ads for a supremely qualified audience
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your ads in minutes rather than days

Paid social works. Users are almost 10 times more likely to click ads on Facebook than they are normal web ads, while Promoted Tweets also see a stunning engagement rate.

But if you want to succeed at paid social, you’ll need an experienced team of specialists on your side.

We’re a dedicated squad of savvy net natives, and we know exactly what’s required to make an impact on each social platform. Work with us, and we’ll devise a paid social strategy that’s tailored to meet your unique business objectives.

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Paid Social – Because it’s too easy to ignore traditional ads.

The Challenges of Advertising on Social Media.

With new advertising channels come a whole new set of challenges. Advertising on social media isn’t easy.

You need to take a creative and strategic approach to paid social. Otherwise, your ads will scan as irritating white noise.

If it looks like an ad and reads like an ad, social media users will scroll right past.

Most social platforms use algorithms that favour paid content over organic content. Every update has to compete with thousands of other updates that are made every second.

But despite these challenges, paid social is worth it. It’s a highly effective way to build an engaged audience for your business across the major social networks.

The Strategic Approach.

For best results, it’s necessary to tailor your ads to meet the unique requirements of each platform.

The process that goes into crafting a Promoted Tweet is different to the process that goes into creating a Facebook Ad.

Each platform also offers its own unique pricing plans. A great deal of flexibility is required if you want to maximise your ROI.

How Can Paid Social Benefit Your Business?

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer some powerful targeting features. Make use of these and you can create expertly targeted ads for a supremely qualified audience.

Paid social offers a range of unique additional benefits too. For example, most social media platforms allow for instant feedback, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your ads in minutes rather than days.

Why Choose Hallam?

We keep up to date so you never fall behind.

Social media advertising is a fast moving industry. What worked today may not work tomorrow.

We’re committed to staying ahead of the game. We take the time to familiarise ourselves with all the latest developments. You’re guaranteed to get the best possible results in both the short term and the long term.