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Master the art of social media advertising and build an engaged, loyal audience.

Our approach

Creatively strategic

Our approach to paid social advertising falls into these three pillars:

Programmatic ad delivery

This allows us to run campaigns efficiently and automates processes such as real-time bidding and targeting.

Mixed media types

We review all media options and select the ones that align with the campaign’s objectives, so we can keep the ad messaging fresh and relevant.

Technical excellence

We regularly trial new methods and platforms to ensure we’re offering our clients the best possible solutions.

We’ll help you perfect your paid social advertising

Advertising on social media isn’t easy. With new advertising channels come new challenges, so you’ll need a strategic approach – but if done right, you can build a highly engaged audience across all of your social media channels. With offices in Nottingham and London, our paid social experts know exactly how to utilise paid social to benefit your business.

Using data to help you thrive
We use browsing and behavioural information on specific audience segments. With this data, we are able to understand when and where we should be placing ads, and know how much we should be spending. Programmatic ad delivery not only lets us run campaigns efficiently, but it also means we can create single campaigns, with unique objectives, that are distributed across multiple social media platforms.

A combination of media types

The great thing about having so many platforms available is that there are plenty of options to use different media types in ad campaigns. By using these various types, we can keep the ad messaging fresh and relevant to users at various stages of the conversion process. We combine brand awareness projects with conversion-led campaigns, and promote collaborative working with organic and paid social activities.

Refining our techniques

We’re always refreshing and rethinking how we do things – after all, social media is a fast industry, so what works today might not work tomorrow. With users of social media constantly changing their behaviours, it’s vital that we understand these changes and how they can affect our approach to advertising. User growth can happen at an explosive rate, so we’re committed to staying ahead of the game – with Hallam, you’re in good hands.

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