We work with DoubleClick technology partners and data profiling experts to ensure that we can scale profitable programmatic display campaigns for your business.

What is Programmatic Display?

Programmatic display involves the purchasing of digital ad space automatically, across various publishers and platforms. This process takes into consideration campaign objectives and the advertiser’s target audience, before accurately bidding on available ad space. This all happens in real-time which ensures ad messaging is shown to the most relevant people, at the right time, and for the optimum acquisition cost.  

Why Use Programmatic Display Advertising?

  • Efficiency – RTB and various sources of data allows for the most accurate level of targeting to be achieved. Rather than pre-buying ad space on private publishers and networks, real time bidding allows bids to be made at the optimum level for ads to appear on a certain space. This way, you will trim any wastage spend, and position your ads in front of audience members that are most likely to convert.  
  • Reach – With various publisher platforms and private market places, you can reach target audiences on inventory that standard single networks cannot.  
  • Cost – With a DSP (demand side platform) you will bid for ad inventory against other advertisers. This process means you can bid for private publisher ad space that’s not opened up to the general networks, but without paying a premium pre-agreed cost.

Programmatic advertising can be a powerful tool for your business

We are confident that programmatic is the ‘future’ in terms of ad buying and we can help you to start making the most of this opportunity now.

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