Paid Search (PPC)

I’m at the Search Engine Strategies conference in London today, catching up on latest news and trends in the world of search engines.

It was particularly interested to see a demonstration of Microsoft AdCenter’s beta curently available in America, where you can target your PPC campaigns to display your ads to specific searchers, segmenting by gender, age group, city. In America, quite scarily, there are also options to display ads depending on “Lifestyle” factors, but that won’t be available at the launch of the service here in the UK at the end of this year.

The targeting is based on information contained in the searcher’s Microsoft Passport, so I’m not completely persuaded its usefulness, but time will tell. There is quite alot of extrapolation and assumptions being made to generate the predicted results. Folks on the Microsoft stand had been trained to say “statistically significant.” I smell something, but I’m not sure what.

The service also includes day parting – the ability to define when you want your ads to display: show my ads Monday to Friday only, turning them off for an hour over lunch, and no ads Friday afternoon.

It’s been an interesting day – I’d suggest you pop along to the conference next year if you can.

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