Pinterest Introducing a Buy It Button

Posted on 01/01/2005 by Team Hallam

pinterest-buttonA small new addition was announced last week for Pinterest that will make a big difference to e-commerce websites and retailers.

The Buy It button that will allow users to buy the products that are pinned in Pinterest, directly through their interface.

This is big news, as it means that Pinterest now has the potential to become a shopping hub to rival Amazon. And with many retailers already very actively pinning their products on Pinterest, we could soon have a whole new sales medium in which to compete.


At the moment, Pinterest is working with such major US brands as Macy’s. But Pinterest has also made sure not to leave out some of the smaller businesses that use ecommerce platforms. They are currently working with Shopify and Demandware, so any website that operates on these ecommerce platforms can also take advantage of this new feature, for free.

The Pinterest Buy It will also allow retailers to learn more about the people that pin their products, as well as those who buy them.

pinterest buy it example

If you’re still wondering why Pinterest is important for retailers, a recent survey of 2000 participants showed that, among the respondents who actively use Pinterest:

  • 96% use Pinterest to research and gather information for products,
  • 93% use Pinterest to plan for purchases and
  • 87% said that Pinterest helped them decide what to purchase.

It should therefore be clear that, for all retailers, Pinterest has the potential to be an invaluable marketing tool – and before long it could also become a fantastic new sales medium. It’s thus essential that all retailers take the time to set up an active and up to date Pinterest account.

Fortunately, while this feature is being rolled out in the US, European businesses have time to establish themselves on Pinterest and ensure that their ecommerce platforms are compatible with the new system.

Both Instagram and Google have recently announced that they too will soon be adding buy buttons to their ads. It’s swiftly becoming not just advisable that brands familiarise themselves with the digital world, but essential.


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Pinterest Introducing a Buy It Button

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