So I have finally got around to typing up a few more notes from the SEO and Social Media Power Tools session at SMX London!

Aleyda Solis gave a great presentation in this session and shared some awesome tools that can help you be more productive when working on your SEO and Social Media campaigns. Unlike the other speakers she presented hers in the fashion of a problem and the tool/s that you can use to solve that problem. So without further ado:

aleyda-solis-seo-smm-analitica-webAleyda Solis – @aleyda –

How do you look for keywords and websites competitiveness?

Keyword Spy

What it does: A competitor spy tool, check what your online competition are up to! Check by domain if you know who you want to investigate or by keywords, ads or destination URL.

Dig a little deeper: Keyword Spy Review

How do you easily create and share mockups online?


What it does: Are you at the early stages of creating a new site or having a redesign? It can be tough to collaborate across different offices, different departments or even different time zones. Easily create collaborative wireframes online.

Dig a little deeper:  The PEC Review: Mockingbird, for Wireframes

How do you test the responsiveness of your site design?


What it does: Whether you have a new site or an old one you need to know how it looks on mobile, ipads and smartphones. Just pop in your URL and then choose which device you want to see what you site will look like in.

Dig a little deeper: Test Website in Different Resolutions with Screenfly


bbc desktop


How can you easily manage your local SEO?


What it does: An all in one solution for managing your Local SEO. Check competitors, work on your citations, reporting, recommendations and much much more. A great time saver when you don’t have loads of time to keep an eye on your Local SEO.

Dig a little deeper: Work Smarter, Not Harder


Who is linking to your competitors but not you?


What it does: AuthorCrawler is a tool by Tom Anthony that looks at the backlinks for a URL and then check for authorship mark up. The crawler then follows this mark up to see which other blogs the authors are writing on.

Dig a little deeper: How Authorship (and Google+) Will Change Linkbuilding

How are your competitors ranking?

Link Detective

What it does: Simply upload a CSV of your competitors links form OSE and Link Detective will let you know what strategies that competitor is using to rank above you in the search engines.


link detective link analysis tool

How do you know when someone links to you?


What it does: The trouble with link data is it can be a little out of date. Getting link data instantly means you can act on it quickly, make quick business decisions and develop long lasting relationships.

Dig a little deeper: Linkstant – Revealed at ProSEO by Rob Ousbey

How do you track links you share in Social Networks?


What it does: Ever forget what you shared on Twitter? Ever in that position that you know you shared a great article and want to link to it but can’t find it again? Use Faveous!


What is your industry leaders most popular tweet?


What it does: A great tool for managing your Twitter account but its also a great little tool for ‘spying’ on other users – find out what their most popular tweets are.


How do you easily automate your social tasks?


What it does: Helps you organise your web-based life. A productivity tool that can help you organise your social media tasks  – just don’t go spamming!!

Dig a little deeper: Get More Done Online – IFTTT Productivity Tips

Who is really contacting you for a link?


What it does: A gmail plug in that add rich contact details right in your inbox. Figure out whether the people who are trying to get a link form you are actually real people with real social profiles. Make decisions on which people to talk to and which to ignore!

Dig a little deeper: Five Tools for More Efficient Link Outreach

How can you easily track a massive number of keywords every day?

Authority Labs

What it does: Self explanatory form the question! A great tool if you have loads and loads of keywords that you need to track.

Dig a little deeper: SEO Rank Analysis with Authority Labs

authority labs ranking tool

So many tools, so little time? Aleyda has a quote for that:

“Oh! There are so many tools… Use them wisely, targeting real problems!”

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