Barack Obama became America’s 44th President on 20 January 2009 at 12:00, and just one minute later at 12:01 the Whitehouse published it’s very first blog posting.

Change has come to the Whitehouse, and at least one of those changes is the aim of building community by using blogging, RSS feeds, and email newsletters.  These technologies were instrumental in the successful election campaign, and now they are being transferred to.

And the change wasn’t limited to just adding a blog.  The site has had a complete makeover.  Here is the new Obama verson of the White House home page, complete with compelling graphics, blog postings as the main content on the home page, videos to watch, Call to Action to subscribe to the newsletter:

Google Knows Who’s President

Speaking of change, it didn’t take Google long to update it’s database with  the correct information.  A search for White House displays the two lines of text in black from the newly revised meta description tag telling me about the new president:

On the other hand, at the time of this posting Yahoo! still hadn’t managed to update it’s database, telling me that Bush was still president.

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