So, Google Search Plus Your World has been rolled out in the States for a little while now, but today was the first time that Team Hallam have seen it in the wild in the UK. If you haven’t been following it appears that general consensus in the US has been less than warm – but that is always the same any time Google sneezes.

So What is Google Search Plus Your World

Well, we’ve got a video for that:

Here are a couple of screenshots of what I have seen today – I only took two as I didn’t think it vanish so quickly!

Google Search Plus Your world in the UK

google search plus your world in th uk

I managed to do a couple more searches (but didn’t take screen shots – doh!) and Team Hallam gathered around. General feedback seemed to be a little poor to say the least with Team Hallam bemoaning the lack of serendipity (come on guys we only managed to half a dozen searches). So when is it rolling out in the UK? Who knows, but here are a few links to some interesting commentary from the people who have already played with it a little more extensively than I have!

Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+ Strategy

From Google’s Own Blog

Thoughts on Google Search plus Your World

And to finish…check out this very funny video…

Warning: Potentially not safe for work – it has swearing in it…but is very funny!

3 responses to “Quick Preview of Google Search Plus Your World”

  1. Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

    Hey Wayne

    I saw the Search Plus Your World results briefly, and to be frank it is garbage.

    To have the results skewed by the opinions of the people I have in circles does not add to relevancy or accuracy or breadth of the results.

    As I said, I saw it for a few searches, and now it is turned off again.

  2. Ian Lockwood says:

    You might want to try and change the thumbnail for that Hitler video, it’s a bit unfortunate at the moment…

    • Wayne Barker says:

      Cheers, Ian!

      I hadn’t noticed that and the fact that Andrew Shortland uploaded it means I am unable to change the thumbnail! For those reading these comments the video at the end was originally embedded on the page but there was a thumbnail that featured a naughty word! I have now changed it so that you just access via the link.

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