inspectlet-logoWhich feature of your website is preventing your visitors from converting into customers?

Is it a hard to use form, an obscure button, a missed message, a long loading time, or something completely unexpected?

These issues can be revealed by using Inspectlet, a handy tool that records how users interact with your website before allowing you to play back recordings in simulated real-time.

Key Features of Inspectlet

Inspectlet shows you recordings of individual sessions on your website. You can see exactly how each user interacts with each page on your site, tracking actions such as scrolling, clicks, drags and form entries:

Live demo tool on

There’s a free interactive demo on Inspectlet’s website that highlights all of the features and shows you a live recording of yourself using their website. Give it a try now.

Recordings are made for all users on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How to Install Inspectlet

headTo start using Inspectlet, you simply need to place a piece of Javascript code on every page of your website. No coding knowledge is needed, but it works best when placed within the <head> section of the HTML code.

If you have a WordPress site, you can install Inspectlet using a handy official plugin.

If you have sensitive data collected on your website, form fields can be individually blocked from Inspectlet using a small piece of code. Alternatively, you can block all fields from being recorded on your entire website – see the documentation for advice on how to do this.

How to Make the Most of Inspectlet

Once you have hundreds of session recordings, you’ll need to pick out the best ones, or you could waste hours trawling through them all!

Using the filters on the right hand side of the recordings page, you can hand pick any significant sessions:

Session filters on Inspectlet

Using filters, you can easily identify the most useful sessions to review. Here’s some tips to get you started:

  • Short sessions with more than one page view – Change the “Number of Pages” to 2+ and the “Visit Duration” to 0 – 30 seconds. Now you can view user sessions that didn’t bounce off the website but still left it quickly.
  • Long sessions with multiple page views – Change the “Number of Pages” to 10+ and the “Visit Duration” to over 5 minutes. Now you can view user sessions who interacted a lot with the website and track their behaviour across many pages.
  • Converting sessions – Add the URL of your “thank-you” page in the “Visited Page” field to see sessions where the user converted.
  • Near converting sessions – Add the URL of the page just before the “thank-you” page in the “Exit Page” field, to see sessions where the user nearly converted.
  • Error sessions – Add the URL of an error page in the “Visited Page” field to see sessions where the user didn’t fill out a form properly, or perhaps broke an interactive part of a web page.
  • Landing page or squeeze page sessions – Add the URL of your landing or squeeze pages in the “Landing Page” field to see specific sessions from email marketing, paid advertising, or referral sources. You can add dummy parameters to a URL to make it unique from different sources.
  • Sessions on tablet or mobile devices – See how different device users interact with the website using the aforementioned filters along with the “Show Sessions From” device filter.

Extra Tips


Keep an eye on how the user clicks around the website, and how long pages and images take to load on the session videos.

Often, if the user gets bored on a desktop device, you might see them highlighting text or spending long times inactive. For tablet and smartphone users you can spot if elements are hard to use if the user is frantically tapping the device, which is highlighted in yellow on the session recording.

Finally, here’s a few more things to bear in mind:

  • While viewing session recordings you can speed up playback by 2, 4, or 8 times normal speed so you can watch them quicker.
  • You can skip to any page view within the total session – often it’s best to see 10 or so pages before the end of the session for the best information.
  • You can see the country of each user and their IP address if you need to look at specific recordings.
  • Exclude your own sessions on the website by using this exclusion tool.
  • You can use Inspectlet for free with up to 100 session recordings per month on a trial basis. See the pricing plans here.


inspectlet-logoInspectlet allows you to get to the bottom of suspected or previously unknown website usability issues. It’s very easy to install Inspectlet and it can hide private or sensitive data if needed.

Using filters, you can extract different user types and just watch the sessions that matter.

You can try a free demo of Inspectlet or run a free monthly trial to see it in action before buying.

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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