We've all been there, the pain and struggle of coming up with content ideas for a blog or for outreach. When you’re creating content for your blog or looking for something interesting to share on your social media accounts, how can you really be sure that you’re creating something that your audience actually wants to read?

Imagine if there was a way to find content that interests your audience, or to see the industry-related questions that they’re already asking.

Well, there is a way! Say hello to Reddit, also known as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you a really quick way to use Reddit to look for content inspiration, based on topics that your audience is already interested in.

So what exactly is Reddit?

There are plenty of websites and communities that can help with researching content, such as Quora or certain Facebook groups. But Reddit stands out due to its level of engagement and volume of content, as Reddit generates 168 billion+ views each year.

Reddit is a website made up of thousands of individual communities known as ‘subreddits’. In these subreddits, users post links, stories and media and other users can vote and comment on the posts.

Google trends data shows a steady rise in the popularity of Reddit, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

reddit popularity

By voting, Reddit users determine which posts rise to the top of community pages. If a post is voted on enough times, it will appear on the Reddit homepage.

And this is what the front page of the internet looks like:

reddit home page

It’s basically a list of content with various filters including ‘new’, ‘rising’ and ‘controversial’.

OK, great, but nothing here looks relevant to my business!

Reddit can look a little daunting to a first-time visitor, or perhaps totally irrelevant but stick with it. Did you know there are over 330 million Reddit users and well over 1 million subreddits? So whatever topic you are researching, there’s likely to be a subreddit related to your business or industry.

So, the first thing you need to do is look for subreddits related to your industry or niche. Because it’s in the subreddits where you can tap into your audience, you can see what are they talking about, the questions they’re asking and the type of content that gets the most comments.

Although compiled in 2014, this useful list of popular subreddits, categorised by industry might come in handy. It includes business and industrial, computer and electronics subreddits and includes the number of subscribers per subreddit. The subreddits are still very much alive today. Or if you’re looking for marketing information, this list compiled by Contently is great as a starter for ten. My favourite has to be r/dataisbeautiful/. It really helps with creative inspiration on presenting data in content.

So let’s just say I have to create some content for a blog relating to architecture and I’m a bit stuck for ideas. Or maybe I’m looking for something interesting to post on my social media accounts.

In any case, the first thing I’d do is type ‘architecture’ into the search box on Reddit’s homepage. This is going to bring back a list of related subreddits.

As you can see, ‘Architecture’ is a very established and active subreddit with over 160,000 subscribers:

architecture subreddit


Now I can start to explore the content in the Architecture subreddit. There’s a mix of questions, images and links to interesting articles and lots of inspiration for some creative content:

architecture subreddit

Just from looking at this list I have come up with a number of new content ideas:

  • A blog post or image gallery on styles of architecture through the years
  • Nottingham in 1919 vs 2019
  • How would Nottingham look if we designed the city in a Baroque architectural style
  • A series of in-depth articles based on famous buildings in the UK, for example, who they were built by, what style of architecture they were etc.
  • An infographic outlining interesting facts about famous buildings
  • A review of the top floor plan programs used by architects
  • Top tips for starting a new design from leading architects
  • A blog post reviewing awkward public building designs

That’s a decent amount of content creation to be getting on with, and it’s taken just a couple of minutes!

Have a go at searching for subreddits in your industry and see if you can find any gems.

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