Many of our clients keep a copy of our Digital Marketing Map on their office wall. Use it to shape your digital marketing strategic planning. Get your own copy of it here.


Know where your business is heading

The digital landscape is complex, with many choices and directions.  To create a plan of action you need to know your business strategy and which tactics are going to be the most appropriate to help you meet your business goals.

This Digital Marketing Map will help to make the complex world of digital a bit easier to understand.

Use the Digital Marketing Map on your website

We’re more than happy for you to use the digital marketing map on your own website. Perhaps you’d like to write a blog post about digital marketing and this helps you to illustrate that, or you feel it would make a useful addition to your existing resources. You might like to share it on your social media too, and we’re happy for you to do so.

A2 Printed Map

To get your own A2 printed copy, simply get in touch by:

and we’ll send a copy to you.


The Digital Marketing Map was created by Susan Hallam and Ben Wood.