Have you ever felt lost or stuck when running an outreach campaign? These tips will help you organise your outreach – BuzzStream is not necessary but is definitely an advantage to monitoring and organising your thoughts!

Running outreach campaigns can be a big job but first things first, you need an aim.

Take this charming video of Nottingham locals paying tribute to local heroes Torvill and Dean that has been proving popular right now!:



Here we have a video from the Nottingam Playhouse – where all the Nottingham locals pay tribute to their childhood heroes Torville and Dean. A great piece of content, the kind of content you could built an outreach campaign from.

You have a number of options available to you – Advertising, Social Media, etc. – but let’s say you choose an outreach campaign. You are going to email or phone your contacts and future contacts to let them know about this video that you know they are going to love!

What do you want?

First you need to establish what you want out of this content and any limitations you may have. This will help you identify your best methods of amplification. Do you want links, social engagement, views? What you should want and which methods of amplification you should use to achieve this is another story all together, but let’s say this time you are going for an outreach campaign – email and telephone.

Who are you going to outreach to?

Now this is the hard part.

You need to identify and categorise the people you think are going to be interested in your content. So you probably have a list of your local contacts and some vaguely related people you half know. So let’s just email them, yes?


Think big! You have your list of contacts – that’s great, now categorise these people by WHY they are interested as opposed to WHO they are.

If you categorised by who they are, it would look a little something like this:
– People I know
– People I really know
– People I know a little bit
– People I don’t know (yet)

Or even worse your list could look like this:
– People I’m going to tell about this video

This is not useful – maybe ‘People I REALLY know’ would be ok, if it was limited to the people you genuinely really know, like your brother. But other than this, that will not do!

Categorise by WHY. The easiest way to do this is to figure out why people would like this video, why they would share this video. Why they might put it on their blog, website or email it around to lots of friends!

Get a piece of paper out and mind map or go to Coggle and get working online!

Get a big list together and then we’re reading for the next steps!

Where does BuzzStream fit into this?

BuzzStreams lets you organise and track your outreach and one easy place. I would start by creating a folder, like so:

How to add a new file in BuzzStream - Outreach

Enter the name of your folder, in this case I would go for ‘Mass Bolero’.

Now it’s time to create your projects. I would create a project for each of your ‘why’ categories. So in this case we would be creating a new project for each. Some might say that this is a bit too much, but I think there is no such thing as being too organised!

How to add a new project in BuzzStream

Make your new project and nest it in your folder. Make as many as you need and as you add to your list you can add to your projects. Keep adding projects as you like.

Now we have our projects we can import our contacts either through the ‘People’ Tab or through the ‘Link Partners’ tab. Add all the information you have – and don’t think this is just about email! Add phone contact information if you intend on calling some of your contacts. You may want to configure your columns to include everything that you want, just find this icon on the far right of your column headers:

How to change your settings for a BuzzStream outreach campaign


Configuring columns for outreach campaign in BuzzStream



And select as appropriate. Once you have your contacts you can create an email template (if that’s what you want to do). Now you will begin to see why we created separate projects. You can make a different template for each project (but remember to select “this project only”! – otherwise these templates will appear in all of your projects). Personalise these templates – remember, why are they interested and who are they.

Creating template for BuzzStream outreach Campaign

You wouldn’t approach a reporter in the same way that you would approach a performing arts lecturer would you? I didn’t think so – make your template reflect that, oh and try not to make it too template-y!

You’ve got your template. Now time to outreach.

The beautiful thing about BuzzStream is that once you configure your email, you can send straight from it and you can personalise every email as you go through one by one. It will automatically change your relationship status as attempting to reach and you know you’ve been in touch.

If you are telephoning then you can change this manually – or even create a new relationship stage in settings for attempted phone contact!

Keeping everything together in one place to send, track and monitor your progress. Share the project with your team and see everyone’s progress. I can’t think of anything better! Oh I also forgot to mention, once you have imported your contacts they will stay in the system, tag them and find them again for all relevant information in the future – and monitor any links added to the page you want to build links to too!

Of course, you can use these advice without BuzzStream but I can’t think of anything better for working all in one place in the full visibility of your colleagues and project partners.

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