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Download the SaaS Growth Playbook 2022

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Anna Murphy

Head of Marketing

SaaS ebook

2022 is a year of change – again. 

As the world wakes from almost two years of recovery and uncertainty, businesses are once more beginning to set their sights on the future, and the unrealised potential that was slowed by the pandemic, new social and economic pressures and the unexpected accelerated global transformation that followed.


This report, compiled by experts from Hallam and Google, features contributions from experienced marketers from around the SaaS world and will give you what you need to know to expand your SaaS business, both nationally and globally.

“Yours isn’t the only SaaS offering in the industry. What separates you is the narrative you build around your brand and your ability to demonstrate both the features you offer and the life-changing productivity, efficiency and life-hacks your model delivers.”
Kier Humphreys, Experience Director, Hallam

What’s in the SaaS Growth Playbook?

In this eBook, we cover: 

  • The five key trends to watch for in 2022
  • Analysing the current landscape: what have we inherited from 2021?
  • Unique data and analysis from Google
  • Insider insights from those working within the SaaS sector
  • The opportunities for international growth: market analysis and what you can do about it
  • How to develop an international SEO strategy for SaaS


“Using a combination of the revenue data with Google Search data, we can start to identify and prioritise which markets present the biggest opportunity for penetration. With the internet removing the borders that come with international trade, it opens up a massive consumer base for UK businesses – selling software instead of a physical product can increase that again. What is critical for businesses is to cut through the competition and that can be done by showing where your customer is looking.”

Liam Higgins, International Growth Agency Specialist, Google

We help SaaS brands grow

We’ve created a unique methodology that is proven to increase the profits of SaaS companies, with instant impact and long-term results.

We helped enterprise SaaS brand, orgvue, achieve an 168% increase in closed-won revenue year on year. Read how we supported them here.

Our team are experts in growing sales, paid and organic growth strategy, retention and renewals, international expansion and much more.

Interested? Let’s talk. Get in touch here.

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