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Whilst everybody is busy carving pumpkins and dressing up as scantily clad cats, I thought I’d write a quick post featuring some shocking suggested search queries served up by Google.  This has also presented me with a golden opportunity to throw in some extremely lame attempts at Halloween related humor, so I offer my apologies in advance.

Google Suggest is (occasionally) a great way of finding out what the majority of people search for around a particular subject. When I typed in the beginning of some general queries, though, I was spooked at what I saw!

Google Suggest, or AutoComplete, is the feature that brings up a list of complete search queries beneath the search box when you begin to type. Typing in some simple words reveals petrifying preoccupations, eerie ignorance, and some queasy questions.

I warn you, you might get carried away with your own freaky Google Suggest searches after reading these.

Google Suggest – disturbingly morbid

Google’s users seem to have a rather chilling preoccupation with the death of famous figures who still have pulses. While “is” could be the beginning of many a conventional question, people just want to know who’s six feet under.


Google Suggest

Don’t worry, Mr Chan is still very much alive and “kicking”.


Google Suggest


Again, many years of creating political nostalgia and irritating people with new Windows operating systems ahead.


Google Suggest – think before you ask.

Google is a great resource for finding out the answers to difficult questions. There are some questions that only Google knows about, however, as no one would dare say them out loud.


Google SuggestWell done, Google searchers… third time lucky.


Google Suggest

Sheep, goats – all the same… apart from when your new sheepskin fleece isn’t quite as cosy as you’d hoped.


Google Suggest
Um, no. In fact, some people even find it beneficial to keep fish in water most of the time.


Google Suggest
As hard as they dig, archaeologists have yet to uncover 2,000 year-old microwaves in Jerusalem.


Google Suggest- just weird

There are also those questions that you never would have thought to ask, but luckily Google have you covered.  Do you dare press return and find out the answers?


Google Suggest


I don’t know, but maybe that’s something you should keep between you and Google… unless you’re lucky enough to find someone who shares your passion for sweaty walking apparatus.


Google Suggest

Better get set for a Prince Harry style Halloween party, then!

Now get set to spend the next three hours typing seemingly innocent words into the search box to see how many other weird and wonderful suggestions Google throws up to complete your seemingly innocuous questions.

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