If you are looking to drive traffic to your business website, then creating a blog (from weblog) could be a great way to get the search engine’s attention.

Why do search engines love blogs? Your blog will be rich with the keywords that form part of your web marketing tactics (Ed: hey, they’re my keywords… what a coincidence…) And its alot quicker and easier for your to create blog pages suitable for your internet marketing plan (ibid) instead of rebuilding your whole site.

Search engines love pages with regularly updated content, and that is the whole point of your blog. It’s quick and easy to add new content, and the software is free. On the other hand, if you can’t commit to the updates, well then…

Blogs encourage a regular community of readership, which translates into traffic to your site. And these are readers who keep coming back to your site, and who might even have a look at your other pages. All this adds up to traffic, and we all know what traffic means.

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