It’s unfortunate to say that shopping basket abandonment on e-commerce websites are a common occurrence. According to HubSpot, 66% of online shopping baskets are abandoned and there are various reasons why people leave their desired items in online baskets. These include forcing customers to go through a lengthy registration process to make a purchase, hidden and high shipping charges as well as poor user experience.

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Learning more about why your customers drop out before completing an order can help reduce the basket abandonment rate. However by making use of re-targeting techniques such as email can help you recover lost sales from customers that have already made their way so far down the sales journey. They can be very effective and according to SaleCycle, over an eighth of basket abandonment emails are clicked.

So what are basket abandonment emails? These are emails which are sent to customers that currently have items in their basket but have dropped out before making the purchase.

Here are some top tips on how to create effective basket abandonment emails:

1. Use a special offer

To help entice customers back to complete their order, why not include a special offer such as free shipping or a percentage off their order total? There is a possibility of the reason why the customer has abandoned their shopping basket is because they’ve found the item at a lower cost elsewhere or they were put off by high or hidden shipping charges.

2. Apply clear calls to action

It’s important to include strong calls to action within your basket abandonment emails to help persuade customers to head back to their shopping carts and complete their order. Make sure any special offers are clearly displayed along with contact details in case they want to ask any questions that may be related to why they abandoned their order. It’s also important to not only include obvious links to your website, but also links that take them straight back to their shopping cart. This makes it easier for the customer to complete their order rather than starting the process again.

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3. Use clear subject lines

As an example of good email marketing practice, it’s important that you make it clear to the customer why you are contacting them to help maintain a good relationship. The subject line is the first thing your customer will see when the email appears in their inbox. This provides a good opportunity include a message to reassure the customer that you still have the items available. This acts as a gentle reminder if they have just forgotten about the order.

4. Include images of the abandoned items

Allowing images of the abandoned items to be pulled through to the email can help trigger orders to be completed. This can also be an opportunity to include product reviews or even cross sell other products that will complement the abandoned items. Including quality images of the abandoned items can also add value to your email as it will look colourful, professional and tailored to the customer.

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5. Develop and refine your basket abandonment emails over time

Once you have implemented basket abandonment emails for your customers, it’s important to refine them over time with testing. Don’t just set up your basket abandonment emails and be tied to the initial template. Take the time to test it’s layout, content and send times to help improve performance.


Basket abandonment emails present a golden opportunity to generate more sales from your e-commerce website. Not only that, but the volume of basket abandonment emails that you’re sending to customers can also ask questions of your website on how well it’s converting visitors into sales.

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