How can small businesses (SMEs) compete with larger businesses when it comes to search engine optimisation?

Dave Chaffey invited me to share my views as one in his series of Emarketing Excellence Interviews – a great idea where he invites emarketing professionals to write his blog posts for him.  What a very clever idea, and one that I will have to study very carefully…

He posed five questions, and you can read my pearls of wisdom in the Right Touching Blog’s  “SEO for SME’s” interview.

I comment on:

1.  What approaches can SME’s use to compete with larger businesses?

2.  How can small businesses compete with local rivals, with particular reference to Google Local?

3.  How are small businesses taking advantage of Universal Search?

4.  How effective are directories for small businesses?

5.  How about some tips on using Google Analytics to improve your SEO?

You comments and suggestions are most welcome – other tips you want to share with small businesses?


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