How hard can it be to rank number one in Google for the phrase Search engine optimisation (SEO) Lincolnshire Rutland?

I’ve stumbled across a big bold claim for ownership of the number one position for the key phraseSEO Lincolnshire Rutland“. And having just returned refreshed from my summer holiday, I’m ready to rise to the challenge.

More accurately, in the spirit of August doldrums, I’ve decided to run a highly unscientific, juvenile little experiment. You might even want to play along, too.

This cheeky little blog posting serves as a test to see how high ranking, how quickly, and for how long, this blog postings ranks for the highly specific (or “long-tail”) phrase “SEO Lincolnshire Rutland.”

For those of you looking for a deeper underlying message to this experiment:

  • Is this a worthwhile phrase to use in an SEO campaign? How many potential clients are searching for that obscure phrase? My initial keyword research shows pretty much nobody.
  • Is there genuine competition for this phrase, or is it likely a simple campaign would get high rankings relatively easily?
  • And most importantly, are highly specific results like this representative of the the kind of SEO positioning small businesses really need?

I’ll keep you posted of the results…

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