Read 3 case studies about how businesses across the UK are working with Hallam, investing in their digital strategy to improve brand awareness, get more clients and make more money. Are you?

As we move ever further out of recession, companies in our region are dedicating budget to digital marketing. From large blue chip corporations through to independent local companies, every business can benefit from a strong digital marketing strategy.

If you’re not investing in your digital strategy, you’re missing out on opportunities to gain the competitive advantage, reach new customers and boost your bottom line. Perhaps the biggest opportunity businesses across our region are missing out on is that provided by SEO, or search engine optimisation.

In this article, first published in the Nottingham Evening Post, we’ll explain what SEO is, why it’s important to your business and share real business examples of how it’s helped companies just like yours.


What is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving your visibility in the search results pages for search terms relevant to your brand.

Businesses successfully using SEO employ a combination of techniques to achieve their success, including high quality website content, keyword targeting and ‘link building’ (a form of online PR).

It’s a complex marketing discipline, comprising many different elements and governed by a set of unwritten rules from major search engines like Google, known as algorithms. It’s therefore essential to any business’ SEO success that the team working on SEO is expert in what they do.

How can SEO help your business?

Businesses that use SEO successfully as part of their digital marketing strategy can expect:

  • Increased web traffic
  • Improved rankings and visibility in the search results
  • Increased enquiries
  • More sales

Below are some case studies from clients who’ve used Hallam Internet’s SEO services to make big improvements in their businesses.

300% increase in website leads

Apple Fostering is an independent fostering agency. They were looking for more enquiries and therefore clients through their website, which they didn’t feel was performing as well as it could.

Their Hallam consultant Pete used local SEO techniques to improve the visibility of Apple Fostering in the search results, helping them to appear higher in the list of search results for terms relevant to their brand.

The result has been an increase in new, strong leads from 1 to 2 per month to 8 to 10 strong leads every month.

Daniel Salewski of Apple Fostering said:

“We have worked with Hallam over the past 9 months. In this period of time we have seen our company website get on the first page of Google for many of our key search terms.  We previously weren’t in the top 100 results.

The team at Hallam has been very helpful with our overall online strategy. The return on investment has been nothing short of phenomenal. We used to receive 1 or 2 strong leads a month, this has increased to between 8 and 10 strong leads.”

You can see Apple Fostering’s testimonial here.

New business directly generated from SEO

As one of the UK’s leading insurance claims specialists, Harris Balcombe relies on website traffic as a lead generator. They had launched a new website and they felt it wasn’t working as well for them as it could.

Their Hallam consultant Ben used ethical SEO techniques to bring in more clients for the company.

Alex Balcombe of Harris Balcombe said:

“We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the results Hallam Internet has achieved for us over the years. Just 4 months following our new site launch, we have paid for 40% of the total website project in new business directly generated from the work Hallam has done.

Nothing is too much for our consultant Ben even if it is not technically his “job description”, and I couldn’t be happier with what is being produced. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hallam Internet to other companies looking to grow their online presence.”

You can view Harris Balcombe’s testimonial here.

83% increase in website traffic

Local company Wastecycle is a sustainable waste management company which wanted to find more customers for their skip hire service.

Hallam Internet provided an SEO service alongside paid search (PPC) management to help Wastecycle achieve their goal. They experienced an 83% increase in website traffic year on year and found the service so successful, they were able to hire out all of their skips and have really improved their online visibility.

Daniel Shearstone of Wastecycle said:

“Local customers are important to us so we sought Hallam’s help in improving our local profile and local search rankings. We’ve been really pleased with the results and have seen business improve dramatically.”

You can view Wastecycle’s full case study here.

Making the Most of SEO in Your Business

As we’ve shown here, SEO has a range of business benefits and businesses just like yours are using it to gain the competitive advantage. Are you?

If you’d like to speak to the Hallam Internet team about your digital marketing requirements, email me at [email protected] or call 0115 948 0123.


This article was first featured in the Nottingham Post newspaper in July 2014


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