International SEO

From site build and structure to content and ongoing optimisation, we’ll help you achieve global success.

Our approach

Thorough auditing and technical excellence is how we get success

Based on three key foundations, our award-winning SEO campaigns are thorough and technical.

Audit & implement

We’ll audit the current keyword targeting of your chosen territories and the quality of the translations, then suggest new useful pages and a content strategy.

Technical excellence

Our technical SEO team work with leading international brands and complex e-commerce sites to deliver results.

Localising the site

We will aim to localise the site by adding it to all relevant and quality directories (such as GMB, Bing Places and YELL).

We’ll help with your complete international SEO strategy

SEO simply doesn’t translate between countries. In fact, not even Brits and Americans speak the same language when they’re online! So if you’re searching for global success, you need an effective international SEO strategy. But what does it mean?

It’s almost like digital geotargeting. It involves setting up your site so that search engines can easily identify the countries you wish to reach. It also involves making it clear which languages you wish to trade in.

Understanding needs with consultations

Every successful international SEO strategy starts with a consultation. We’ll work with you to best understand which markets are more receptive to your products, what terms they are searching for, and whether the volumes warrant an entire site or simply some targeted pages.

We’ll then ask you a number of business questions to see how shipment and sales would work best in that market, to ensure the site is perfectly tailored to the audience it is meant to be targeting.

Thrive on fundamental foundations

It’s pivotal that your site is built on solid foundations with the integrity required to rank in foreign search engines. If you’re building a new site, we’ll identify the best options for your business regarding site structure and all of the coded elements that help search engines understand which country you’re aiming to target. If you already have a site, we’ll audit it to make sure it complies with our best practice recommendations for international sites and support you in making it so.

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