Here at Hallam we recently reviewed the Web Ranking Checker software market place to provide the keyword rankings reports for our clients and have opted to use a service called SE Ranking. We like this rank tracking software for a number of reasons, and this post is our review of SE Ranking and highlights the key reasons we decided to switch to this web ranking checker software tool.

SE Ranking offer a Free Trial, and we suggest you give it a spin to try out all the features.

Ease of use

Tracking keywords rankings is made extremely simple with SE Ranking. Once you are logged into the account the dashboard is clearly organised and easy to navigate and you can begin tracking the rankings of any chosen website within seconds.

SE Ranking Dashboard


The speed at which SE Ranking updates the keyword ranking data is particularly impressive, and with an option to refresh and recheck the results for any website we are always guaranteed up to date ranking data.

SE Ranking Recheck Rankings


Another nice little feature of SE Ranking is the ‘groups’ functionality. We have chose to group our client websites under the name of the consultant responsible for managing each project, enabling us to locate and access the information relating to our particular clients websites without having to trawl though long lists of websites.

SE Ranking Groups

Location targeting

SE Ranking enables us to not only track the rankings for our clients keywords across all of the major search engines but it also enables us to discover how our clients are performing in different countries and in specific postcode locations.

SE Ranking Location Targetting


Reporting keyword data to our clients is extremely important and SE Rankings provides us with the ability to do this in a variety of ways including in Excel and PDF format. There is also an option to share a ‘private link’, enabling our clients to access and view their live ranking data from their own browser.

SE Ranking Reports

Additional Tools

At the core of SE Ranking’s service is keyword ranking data, however their offering expands into other SEM tools including a website auditor which reports on the health of each particular website we have added.  In addition there is the option to hook SE Ranking up to our clients Google Analytics accounts for richer keyword data and the option to compare websites rankings directly with that of a competitor.

SE Ranking Website Audit

SE Ranking Free Trial

SE Ranking provides access to a free trial, and we recommend you give it a try.

This software allows us to accurately track the ranking data of our clients target keywords within an organised and regularly updated dashboard. It provides us with the functionality we need to report results and progress to our clients and ultimately enables us to track the success of our search marketing efforts over time.

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