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There are lots of sources of information about using social media – top tips, how to guides, etc..  But I’ve got one simple piece of advice to help you with your social media strategy.

Be consistent.

Be the same person on your Twitter profile as you are on your website.  Present the same brand on Facebook that you show in your corporate literature.  Build upon the same key messages time and time again.

Yes, there will be differences in the way you approach each marketing medium.  But think about it the same way you would a real-life business setting.  You may be more relaxed and informal when attending a social networking event, but you are still representing the same company as you do when presenting reports to your investors.

An example that I was shown at the SMX Conference in London demonstrates this beautifully.  You’ve all heard of Lady Gaga?  Her most recent video was viewed 30,458,631 times on YouTube and she is currently one of the top selling musicians in the UK, possibly the world.

How about the band OK Go!?  They released a quirky video has had 2,818,090 views on YouTube – an impressive social media success.  And yet, they have just been dropped by their record company.  No one knew who they were outside of their YouTube video because their branding and messages weren’t consistent with the rest of their marketing strategy.

Lady Gaga on the other hand looks and acts the same in her videos, on stage, in magazines…  People remember who she is and what she does, and every time they see her that brand is reinforced.  Her success isn’t built on a one-off concept for some juicy linkbait.

A more business-focused example is the friendly brand Innocent that just wants to help us to get our five a day (by buying their products of course).  I can sum up their core message – “We make being healthy easy peasy” – without thinking too hard.  That’s because every advert, piece of packaging and digital communication tells me this using the same tone of voice, halo logo and repetitive wording.

So before you start creating YouTube videos, sending out tweets or building a Facebook community ask yourself what you are saying about your company and your brand.  And make sure that you are being consistent.


Katie Saxon

One response to “Simple Social Media Advice”

  1. absolutely agree with this – authenticity is my BIG thing.
    However, the danger with consistency in this context, is to end up being v one-dimensional. Social media offers us a wonderful opportunity to add depth to our brands, and present ourselves as a rouned person/brand. The trick is getting the message/depth balance just right?

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